If you prefer to act as a lone wolf here are some ideas to fight evil guerrilla warfare style. 

Now a pack of guerrilla wolves...

Heading 2

Go for a hike

Go for a hike and say hi, crack a joke, simply acknowledge every person you meet in a positive way, looking into their eyes. Anyone who wants to talk longer let them, have a conversation... why not?


Change a flat

Being able to change a tire quickly is useful. The equipment pictured is what I carry. The STAR has numerous sizes and if you carry a steel tube you can use the tube as a BREAKER BAR. The lugs are sometimes impossibly seized after years of rust and corrosion. I am medium-high strong and cannot change some without a breaker bar. 

 A HAMMER is super useful for all sorts of problems. Sometimes the wheel is rusted to the vehicle so even after the lugs are off it needs a serious whack, hit the rim or tire from behind. Thrift shop or goodwill has these things for cheap frequently. (Knee-pads $25 Amazon) and gloves are to keep your nice clothes clean. Don't let vanity stop you from fighting. Not Pictured: Small light gloves with decent dexterity. Costco $10 Wells-lamont for a few pairs. Very useful


Locked out home

A thick hotel key card can get you into most accidentally locked household doors.


Locked out auto

A coat hanger with a hook bent in it with pliers like the photo can get you into most vehicles. If you do not have experience, simply giving them the hanger could be an immense blessing. They need to shim the door as well with a knife or something, but they have most difficult part.


Back Pain (Serpent's Head)

Here is a technical article I believe was prayer answered. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5725179/

My understanding of the article with illustrations: Basically with uneven hips and normal legs when lifting that little gap between leg and hip forces the muscles of the back and legs to compete. The results are rips and tears in certain muscles, over and over.

SOLUTION: a shoe insert on one side, the side with the trouble. If it is both sides try the higher hip. I walked around home on one very thin sandal and lifted really light weight to see if I liked it. I don't wear one sandal anymore but every pair of shoes has one insert.

Serpent's heal.jpg

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